Wizer.me is really a beautiful tool. Teachers can create wonderfully colorful and customizable virtual worksheets that students can complete using just about any device.

Why I Love Wizer.Me

I love Wizer.me because of the question options. There are 15 different task (question) options, including videos, user-friendly pictures, fill in the blank, and even the option to add the ability for students to choose an alternate question (differentiation-PAID version). I have a wide range of student ability in my classes and having the ability to allow my more advanced students to simply read and freely respond or giving my kids who need extra support the option to answer the same question with four answer choices is GOLD. And that is just one way to use the differentiation aspect. Do you have kids who need oral admin? There is the ability to record the questions right on the worksheet!


Overall, Wizer.me is incredibly user-friendly. The interface is really beautiful and is really a drag-and-drop, or simply click-to-add creator. There is also a pretty big library of already-made worksheets to choose from. The platform can be a bit finicky sometimes, but it has not been enough to deter me.


Teachers can either create a classroom for their worksheets or simply give students the worksheet’s code. Students will need to create an account OR log in using Google, Edmodo, or Microsoft. Luckily, they don’t HAVE to have an email address to join and they can simply use their first name with last initial as their username.

Student Support

The student support possibilities is one of my favorite reasons to use Wizer.me. With the paid version, you are able to create groups and create and apply differentiation rules for students. It’s quite an amazing feature and aside from using a super robust LMS, like Moodle, this kind of differentiation is rare. Even on the free plan, a way to record questions is available within each task type. I use this feature for students who receive oral administration. Students can even record their answers to questions, rather than type.


Originally, Wizer.me started out only with a free version. In August 2017, they came out with the teacher version for $69 a year. I was fortunate enough to get in as an “Early Bird” and paid $29 for my first year. At this point, the premium version is called the “Awesome Plan” and is $89 per year. With the Awesome Plan, you can have unlimited classes, differentiation options, Google Classroom integration, and learner groups/insights.


I’ll be honest, I have yet to have the Google Classroom integration work correctly for me. Unfortunately, that was one of the main reasons I tried the premium plan. I like the learner insights and the unlimited classes ( I have 14 classes, having just one class on Wizer.me would kind of be a grading/tracking nightmare).

Another drawback that I have found is that your worksheet is always just one page. If you’re creating a longer assignment, it can be a bit daunting for the students. I have actually contacted the creators with this suggestion, as I feel that the worksheets would so much better with the option to add pages and sections. They responded with a “thank you” for my suggestions, but it is still not an option 🙁

Bottom Line

I really, really like Wizer.me and love the concept. I will continue to use the beautiful worksheets in my classes, but I am not sure I will purchase the premium version again. I may have to find a workaround for the one class situation on the lite version.

As always, please ask questions below! I can’t possibly fit everything in this review! Please also take the time to share creative ways that you have used Wizer.me in your classroom!

Wizer.Me Review: Virtual & Interactive Worksheet Creator

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