Using Voki in the Classroom: Engage, Enrich, Support!

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The Talking Moose

I stumbled upon Voki a few years ago, while trying to find a fun way to teach a grammar lesson. I knew that students weren’t super excited about learning the difference between a possessive noun and a plural noun, and listening to me talk about it the whole time would just add insult to injury. No, I needed something to spice up my lesson!

This is where Voki came in! I created a moose who would “video chat” with my students and I about possessive and plural nouns. I prepped my kids by telling them that I had a very special friend calling in to help me teach and they were HOOKED. They loved the moose (who had a lovely British accent) and they were convinced that we were actually interacting with him.


Voki brought life to my lesson and the kids were incredibly engaged. Needless to say, by the end of the lesson, we (mostly) understood the difference between possessive and plural nouns!


The way in which I used Voki with my kids is only one possibility. I see so much potential with this web-tool! Aside from helping teach a lesson, your Voki character can read directions to students who need oral administration. He can act as sign posts or pit-stops in a lesson or activity to check for understanding. Or, she can introduce a topic and drum up some excitement!


A big selling point in my book is the fact that Voki is language intuitive  and supports quite a variety of languages. The possibilities in language classes and for English Language Learners are endless! To support an ELL in your class, you could create a Voki to translate directions or information for students. In language classes, have students show what they know by having them verbally record a short sentence or paragraph for their character.

Another way I plan to use Voki in the future, is to have a Voki character be a scavenger hunt narrator! Creating a QR code that links to a Voki is super simple–just use the link sharing option! Students can use a device to scan the QR code at each clue and listen, rather than read! What an engaging way tosupport all students and make learning fun!

Bottom Line

Voki is incredibly easy to use and customizable to fit your needs. The creator is user friendly! You can customize your character, the background, accessories, voice, accent, and even language. Adding audio is super simple, no matter your set up. Having the option to type out the script, record using a microphone, record using the call-in feature, or simply upload an existing audio file makes adding a Voki to a lesson or activity quick and simple.

Vokis are fun and simple to create, and really do add a little something extra to lessons activities, and projects. Students love Vokis, because they are different, funny, and they have a lot of fun customizing their own! I am excited to continue discovering how I can use Voki in my class to engage, enrich, and support all students!



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Using Voki in the Classroom: Engage, Enrich, Support!

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