Integrating technology into our curriculum is more important than ever.

Our sweet kiddos have grown up with technology and this is their language. Technology offers outlets for creativity, collaboration, extension, support, critical thinking, and so much more! Here’s the thing about a lot of web tools: there is generally a reasonable basic version, but the features and possibilities offered in upgraded plans are incredible and could really help our students. Unfortunately, upgraded plans cost money and I completely understand, they’re running a business!

A good portion of teachers using the basic versions will likely move on when the basic features don’t meet their students’ needs any longer and they simply can’t justify spending the money from their own wallets to upgrade. But, what about district/school budgets? The fact is, most school districts require any school funds used only be used with approved vendors. The process of getting a vendor approved is just more paperwork. Teachers’ time is valuable and many of us will simply move on rather than pursue the upgraded version.

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