This Site & Teacher-Me

Since I started teaching six years ago, my interest and passion for technology in education has stemmed organically from my need to fix problems, accomplish goals, support/extend learning, or efficiently collect data. Adding technology to the classroom simply to add it is one thing and then there is integrating technology in a purposeful and meaningful way.


I started my teaching career as an English and Reading teacher. After teaching for a couple years, I decided to dig deeper into literacy learning, and I earned a Master’s in Reading education.However, from the very beginning, I have always been interested in technology. I won’t claim to be a tech expert, but I am a savvy researcher and problem solver. I thoroughly enjoy being presented with a goal or problem and finding the right tech for the situation.

I have been teaching a Technology Applications class for two years now and have really loved every minute of it! I am extremely fortunate to have a 1-to-1 classroom with desktop computers. I

have a ton of freedom to create my lessons using all of the wonderful web 2.0 tools that I can find! My class is mostly self-paced. I create independent lessons for my students using a variety of web tools. Using tech in this way has made it possible to differentiate instruction more than I ever thought I could. Kids who are tech-savvy move through lessons quickly, can move to enrichment, and even help others. For the kids who need extra one-on-one help, I am able to sit down with them and really, truly, help!

Technology is not the end-all-be-all solution. Technology integration helps our students grow into “future ready” adults. We are working to prepare our students for jobs that don’t even exist yet! By integrating technology in meaningful ways, using the 5 C’s of technology integration (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation, and communication), we can accomplish this incredible goal!

On a Personal Note…

I am a middle school teacher in Texas. I started my career in education as an English/Reading teacher and have now moved into teaching Technology Applications.

I am married to an ICU nurse and we have a beautiful, stubborn, charmer of a son who brings so much light to our lives. We live in a small town north of the DFW area, where we can look down the street and see the fields of a farm and periodically hear the distant whistle of a train (it’s much more peaceful than it sounds).